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Nice, tightly written summary and interesting to see perspective of a content team member.

You're points about translation time of research and ecological validity for mHealth ones are well-taken. However, I was encouraged that the panel said there were some efforts being made in response to my question about using aspects of adaptive trial methodology. I suspect part of the reason for Charlotte's findings is that we have a system in place that rewards small, incremental (i.e., perpetually fundable) research and that there are disincentives associated with academic research producing large leaps forwards. This topic is pretty well covered elsewhere, but is exacerbated in the more fluid mHealth arena.

Rob's points about geography were spot on as well. In addition to the infrastructure leapfrogging, since people in many South American countries are not charged to receive SMS and because HIPAA-like rules are not stifling innovation elsewhere it is unsurprising we are behind the curve.

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