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Thanks for the note Marya, I am sure a number of readers would be interested in your bottom line estimates for ICU needs vs capacity. I know that there were some public engagement sessions going on around the country in the past month or so, but I am not aware of how priority-setting and community support for those actions are coming along. Any others care to share?


Hi, Craig,

An interesting post indeed. I linked to you from the BIL:PIL site, where your name appears right below mine. My group just came up with some ICU predictions for H1N1 in the US, and they are rather shocking. One of the aspects where social marketing could really help as well, it seems to me, is in spreading the message about the need for prioritization protocols and getting community participation and buy in.

So, 2 questions:
1. Are you aware of such efforts?
2. If not, what can we do to prepare the people at this late hour?


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