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The problem is that "market-based incentives to help the poor" flies in the face of capitalism depending upon how you define it. As soon as you create an "incentive" that is not market-driven, then you aren't dealing with capitalism any longer. Call it whatever you want, creative capitalism, oversight, a new era, whatever, it ain't capitalism.

I'm not sure why people make this all harder than it is.

If we want to solve the world's problems and deal with societal ills then the answer is to nurture a system of pure capitalism.

But we can't stop there.

The rest of the equation is to raise our children properly and teach them to take care of the least of these my brethren. We need to instill a value system that rewards "doing good" for its own sake, not because it looks good to others or because it will make a great press release. We must teach our youth and understand ourselves that doing the right things to help those less fortunate is honorable and a reward unto itself even when nobody else is looking. It really is simple. We must create people who are motivated to address these issues while at the same time creating a capitalistic environment so they can secure themselves first and then give them the opportunity to help others because they want to.

Without the right human motives, no system is going to be able to dictate to anyone how to address these issues. Without that motivation then leaders will turn to legislation and that, my friends, will ultimately lead to disincentive, resentment and resistance and will ultimately fail and be counterproductive.

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