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Thanks for your comment Roger. I was not aware of the CWA work or the Speed Matters site. I took a look at it and am impressed by the 5 principles they are working on. I also found this quote from Robert Atkinson that I endorse:

'Virtually every other advanced country has explicit proactive national broadband policies. We're the only country that doesn’t. I think the question is whether we have the political will to move beyond largely ideologically fights and bickering to get on with the task, which is to get faster broadband and get it to more places and more people.'

Broadband access needs to be a public health policy priority. Since the APHA search engine is updating as I write this, I wonder if they have any initiatives for broadband access that get front page coverage rather than always following the herd.


Healthcare is one of the key items that the Communications Workers Of America's project Speed Matters focuses on. "High-speed interactive broadband with instantaneous contact between health professionals and patients enables remote monitoring, efficient chronic disease management, and more effective responses to emergencies." This is especially important for low income communities that could benefit from healthcare cost savings and flexibility thru telemedicine. CWA's goal is affordable high speed internet access for all Americans. Check out their website for more information at www.speedmatters.org

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