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This vaccine is one of the greatest things out there right now. Yes, it's for an STD that causes cancer but every girl/woman should be vaccinated with it in my opinion. As children and young teens they don't always know why they're getting the shots they get when they go to the doctors office many times they just know it's something that's required and necessary to be healthy.

Are parents going to hold back on getting their daughters vaccinated for fear this will give them the green light to have sex? That idea is crazy.....Children are now vaccinated for Hepatitis B which is contracted through bodily fluids and through IV drug use. Does giving our children the Hepatitis vaccine give them the green light to have sex and shoot up? Hell no, this is for their health and the safety of others.

I have been riddles with abnormal paps for the last two years and my doctor actually recommended I get vaccinated and I'm 26. I am definately doing it, it will be one less cancer I have to worry about.

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