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It takes about 1800 calories a day for me to maintain, even though everything I've read says I should be able to eat more. But I track everything I eat 6 days a week and that's the most I can eat without gaining.

I've probably tripled or quadrupeled my veggie intake. I use to hardly ever eat them and now I eat about a pound or more a day!

I've cut all sugar and corn syrup out. When I want something sweet, I reach for sugar free candy, and I don't eat it every day.

I've cut out all refined grains, eat only low-sugar fruits (such as strawberries, avocados and tomatoes), and when I do eat grains, it is always 100% whole wheat.

I don't personally believe that "a calorie is a calorie." I haven't found it true for me at all. The types of calories really do matter.

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