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I have struggled all of my life with "self esteem" issues due to the many negative, hurtful things said by my parents to me early in life and throughout my first 17 years. Those things I internalized, just as you said, and adopted as my "truth" because that is what a child does. Mine has been a life long journey of unlearning and relearning who I truly am, in God's eyes and in my own. The affirmations you refer to have been part of that process for me. I have discovered that when I am busy hating myself, I cannot have a relationship with God for I am in direct conflict with His Creation...and cannot have a healthy relationship with others when I do not have one with myself...I end up allowing myself to be a victim, because that Is what I feel I deserve. This article is a very important one for all the world to read.Self Esteem Affirmations

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Great Article! It shows that the deepest wisdom comes from personal experience, and I want to say thank you for sharing your wisdom!

As you can imagine, I place a high priority on a high sense of self-esteem too (obviously, since I run a website on that topic). Your article has added another rich perspective to how I look at self-esteem. Thanks again!

Self Esteem Affirmation

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